Online Dating Clubs and Parties of Rich Men and Millionaire

Financially wealthy men are called millionaire. They have a lot of money and most of them reach financial independence. About 1% or less of people are millionaires while most of us may worry about money sometimes.
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The members of some activities has a higher ratio of millionaires. Like golf, yacht and horsing always be relate with millionaires. More directly, millionaire clubs like asmallworld has abundant offline activities for it's members to have a dine party and some other interesting activities.

A Small World

Established in 2004, is one of the first Social Media. It is an online community. However, communication in real life is the most important part. It's an influnetial group with members all over the world. There are two ways to get a membership. One is to be invited into asmallworld by a friend who has already been a member. The other is to apply for membership which will be censored by the ASW Membership Committee, and the result will be send to your reserved email within s few minutes.
In asmallworld, members will:
  • support mutually
  • help(encourage and inspire) ohters to find and explore the beauty of the world
  • Share life experience and opinion
  • Join over 1000 parties a year


Quintessentially( is the world's leading luxury lifestyle group(claimed by Quintessentially). Quintessentially provide support and service to those rich people who are busy in life. For example, it helps members book in Michelin-starred restaurant, organize the business travel and dream holidays. Quintessentially will take care of all the details in daily life, which ensures members to enjoy the good life easily. Although ASmallWorld is not a pure rich millionaire dating club/community, but it provide the platform for rich & attractive people to know each other. In ASW, the difference is that there are a lot of interesting activities and parties, which are more advanced and pure for millionaires.
Quintessentially is able to fully support over 10 professional areas to satisfy all the member. It has over 60 global offices served by 1500 specialist with over 35 kinds of languages(7 days - 24 hours service).
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