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Different with other dating sites, WhatsYourPrice designed bidding feature, which makes it possible for single women get income through the process. For those beautiful women, the feature is so attractive to not only have the dating opportunities but also earn money.
The competetion become more fierce as the bidding happens on every beautiful young women. If you are a rich sugar daddy, you may not succeed to date what you are interested in! On the contrary, If you defeat a lot of sugar daddies to be the winner, you will gain much more sense of accomplishment.
The detailed process of bidding is pretty simple. A woman set her price on WhatsYourPrice. Generous man will bid for the woman and the one who bid the highest price will get the chance to date the woman. No one but the winner will pay for the bidding with the same amount of his bidding price. It claims that over 200, 000 successful dating bid has happend till now.

Final Verdict

WhatsYourPrice is excellent in novel dating ideas. It has to be noted that if you are a rich men and you are interested in the competetion with other wealthy guys for a beautiful women, it will be the best choice for you. Important that you don't have to pay the bidding price if you are not the winner.
Apart from the novel idea of bidding, blogs part is another outstanding feature of it. There are a lot of professional articals about dating tips and skills written by experts who are experienced in dating.
If you are one who pursue the creative ideas of life, WhatsYourPrice is recommended a good choice of rich millionaire dating site for you. It will be unique experience to bid for beautiful woman who you are interested in.
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